kyc & monitoring

Know each and every customer and monitor them in real-time.

Detect Suspicious Activity

Surface suspicious activity in real-time with deep data analytics and powerful A.I. configured by you.

Visualize Analytics and Automate Research

Visualize relationships and patterns to accelerate due diligence with global data coverage of 6B people from 300M companies.

Automate FinCEN and FINTRAC Filings

Streamline filings in US and Canada with pre-populated forms and narratives fully configurable by you.

fraud & integrity

Real-time fraud risk management with modern tools.

Fight Fraud

Identify fraud in real-time to protect game integrity and reputation.

Stop Loss

Freeze transactions as they happen and stop fraud loss.

Share Information

Remove silos and collaborate between fraud and AML teams with joint-case management.

assess & insight

Monitor laws and regulations while streamlining your risk assessment.

Monitor Laws & Regulations

Monitor laws and regulations while streamlining your risk assessment.

iGaming and Sportsbetting

View iGaming and Sports Betting laws and regulations in the US and Canada with summaries and automated notifications of regulatory changes.

Risk Assessments

Conduct and refresh operator risk assessments with real-time monitoring of legal and regulatory changes.

Vendor Risk Management

Manage all your 3rd party relationships and monitor critical vendors.

Modern Tech for a Modern World

Leave the old tech behind and allow compliance to facilitate growth.

Fully Configurable

Configure your compliance platform to fit your needs including tailoring thresholds by-property.

APIs for Every Feature

Easily integrate any feature directly into your workflow via 80+ APIs.

Multi-Instance Enterprise View

One view of all activity across the enterprise or restrict views by-property.

Start growing

Discover how Kinectify can clear the way for you to scale your business.